20 Best Budget Ultralight Backpacking Tents In 2023!

I love the close connection with nature I experience by sleeping outside in a tent. Along with your sleeping bag, your backpack, and a good lightweight tent is essential for a good hiking trip!

While having a lightweight tent is most important when hiking multiple days, carrying a big and heavy tent is also not ideal for other weight and space-critical activities such as bikepacking.

Lightweight tents are often smaller and will fit more easily in your backpack, are easier on your back and, as you will see – quality ultralight backpacking tents can actually also be easy on your wallet!

My three top picks for 2023 are:

I will mainly cover the best budget 2-person tents here, but almost half of the models included here also have 1-person options, and a few can be bought as 3 or 4-person tents.

However, if you are looking for more spacious tents for a car camping trip, you might want to look at these tents that are large enough for you can stand up inside, instead!

Below I have gone through my absolute favorite budget ultralight tents that should fit in most backpacks (or bike bags) and budgets!

Best Budget Ultralight Tent List:

Here is a list of my favorite picks of ultralight tents that also come at really good prices. Not all of them are available on Amazon, but some have to be bought off of AliExpress, which I have never had any problems with.

I try to keep everything updated, but please tell me if any of the links don’t work anymore! Thanks.

Tent (link to AliExpress)WeightPeopleApproximate price rangeLink to Amazon
Naturehike Opalus2-3.9kg (4.4-8.5lbs)1-4144-288$Yes, see at Amazon
Naturehike Cloud Up1500-2405g (3-5lbs)1-395-210$Yes! And the ultralight version.
Naturehike Cloud Peak

Also as 15D (2.1kg)
2500g / 5.5 lbs
2160g / 4.6 lbs
2-3150-200$Yes, but only 20D
Naturehike VIK (15D!)970g (2lbs)1120-150$Yes, check at Amazon!
Naturehike Star River2.1kg (4.63lbs)2140-200$Yes, see more here!
Naturehike Mongar2kg 4lbs2120-200$Yes – see more at Amazon
Naturehike Taga 21.2-1.6Kg (2.3-2.7 lbs)1-2110-160$Yes, click for more info
Naturehike Flying Fish Tent 1.7kg (3.7 lbs)2-3190-240$Nope.
Naturehike FORCE UL21.4kg (3lbs)2170-210$No, but some similar.
Paria Bryce Ultralight Tent1.3kg (2.8lbs)2150-170$Check latest price.
Clostnature 1-Person Tent1.6kg (3.7lbs)170-80$Check current price.
Naturehike 1 person tent. 1.3kg (2.8 lbs)180-99$Check the latest price.
Geertop Lightweight 1-Person Tent1.36kg (2.9lbs)190-120$Check Amazon price
LanShan 2 FLAME’S CREED845g-1155g (1.8l-2.5bs)1-2110-140$LS MIER is available on Amazon.
Wandelen Appalachian Tent1.5kg (3.3 lbs)2100-150$Only available at Amazon
KIKILIVE Ultralight Tent1.4 Kg (3 lbs)2120-150$Yes, only at Amazon.
3F UL Lanshan 1 pro690g-915g (1.5-2lbs)1-2160-200$Yes, see at Amazon
JYMCW bivi tent/Fltom 1 Person990g (2lbs)130-50$Yes, see it at Amazon
Fltom 2 Person Camping Tent1.6kg (3.5 lbs)250-70$Only at Amazon.
Naturehike Cloud Trace0.93kg (2 lbs)1200$Nope. Only AliExpress.
Aricxi 15D Ultralight2.2kg (4.8lbs)3150-165$Only on AliExpress.
Marvquester Ultralight1.4kg (3.2lbs)1(2?)Around 60$No. Only AliExpress.
Direct comparison table of the tents mentioned in this post. Read on for my favorite options in more detail.

These tents are cheap (most are below 200$ and some below 100$!) because they are not widely sold in physical stores, but must be bought online from lesser-known brands and retailers.

However, as you will see, this is how you save a lot of money on your gear, without compromising on quality!

I will go through some of the most popular options as well as my favorites in the rest of this article!

The Naturehike Opalus tunnel tent

The NatureHike brand has been around for a few years now, but its name is not well-known. It’s a Chinese company, but it is gaining a reputation among western hikers for high quality and especially for the very competitive prices offered.

The brand has been making tents since 2002, but it’s only recently begun to enter the western outdoor gear market.

Maybe my favorite tent from Naturehike is of the classic tunnel format. The Opalus tent is very similar to other tunnel tents on the market but markedly cheaper!

The Opalus Tent is also sold under the “HWLY” brand at Amazon.

I bought my Exped Andromeda II Plus Extreme, a 3.5kg two-person tent for about 1000$ a few years ago. At only 2kg (4.4 lbs) for the two-person version, the Naturehike Opalus tent offers very similar features for a fraction of the price and a lower weight! 

I’ll mention materials such as nylon and polyester with designations “D” and “T” (referring to the thickness) throughout this post. If this terminology is unfamiliar to you, I have written a complete article about the topic here.

What are the benefits of tunnel tents?

I mention this tent first, because I love tunnel tents! Their form factor is great for all kinds of weather due to their wind-resistant form factor (remember to pitch the narrow side towards the wind!).

In addition, they have a vestibule (entrance part of the tent) that can be used for storage of your backpacks, allows for cooking, drying of wet clothes etc., and might even store your bike (especially if you use a foldable one)!

The four-person version of the Opalus tent has plenty of room and does not feel cramped at all.

This tent will give you slightly more space but at the cost of a few hundred grams compared to the Cloud Up and the VIK Series.  

Weight: 2-3.9kg (4.4-8.5lbs)
Price: 144-288$Size: 1-3(4) peopleWater resistance: 3000-4000mm
Click to see current pricing and full list of features 

As for the Naturehike Cloud Up Series Ultralight tent, the Opalus comes in two fly sheet materials: 20D and 210T (check my post on the difference between these two materials here).

Again the 20D version, green in this case, is lighter and slightly more expensive compared to the (orange) 210T version. 


  • Lightweight 2-3.9kg (4.4-8.5lbs) for 2-4 person tents.
  • Tunnel design is a tried-out classic.
  • Quality materials (15D/20D) on par with expensive brands
  • Comes with a nice footprint!
  • Double layer for better breathability and less condensation.


  • There are lighter, although more expensive, tunnel tents of the same size out there.

2023 update:

Naturehike now also offers an even lighter 15D version of the Opalus tent. This tent weighs slightly less at 1.8 kg (3.9 lbs) which is quite impressive for a tent of this size!

There is also a version of the Opalus tent without the large cabin/vestibule area in the front if you want to save some money.

A more “minimalistic” version of the Opalus tent.

Is Naturehike a good brand?

In my opinion, and many other ultralight hikers on the internet, the answer is yes!

I have tried their tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and backpacks from them and they have yet to disappoint me!

Naturehike is one of the stronger Chinese outdoor gear manufacturers. According to a 2012 article about China’s outdoor market, Naturehike has been recognized as the company with the best “sustainable R&D capabilities” and has been highlighted for its ability to successfully develop new products and keep up with trends in the outdoor industry.

Naturehike’s main factory is located in China’s Zhejiang Province, which has been described as “China’s Silicon Valley”, and there are three additional facilities in China as well as one facility in Myanmar.

The company not only offers a wide variety of outdoor products but is known for its innovation and products on par with many western brands.

Naturehike participates in worldwide outdoor brand industry events in order to promote its products to retailers around the world and has won multiple awards.

This also means, that it might soon be more widely appreciated and expand into western countries, which will undoubtedly increase their prices… Luckily, this has not happened yet!

Naturehike Cloud Up (Best Naturehike tent?)

The Naturehike Cloud Up Series Ultralight tent series is another cheap series of tents, which come in many different sizes, not quite as light as the VIK series mentioned above, but is more durable at roughly the same price point. 

The Cloud Up tent is perhaps the most popular of all Naturehikes tents, not least because of the many options within the Cloud-Up series.

Many hikers consider it the best Naturehike 2 person tent.

There is a fairly large selection of tents in the Cloud Up series and they differ mainly by their size and the materials used. 

2 person nylon version

Weight: Minimum 970g (2lbs) for the 1 person tent. Maximum 2.4 kgs (5.2 lbs) for the 3 person version.
Price: 70-209$
Size: 1-3 people
Water resistance: 3000-4000mm
Click to see current pricing and full list of features at Amazon or at Aliexpress.

This lightweight, double-layer tent is perfect for backpacking and camping in all seasons (although only rated for 3).

The Naturehike Cloud Up 2 person tent.

It is available in 1 person, 2 person, and 3 person sizes, and comes in green and orange. Made of 20D Rip-Stop Nylon or 210T polyester, it is water-resistant with a PU 4000mm coating and features UV 50+ sun protection. The poles are made of 7001 aluminum, making the tent sturdy and durable. It also comes with a snow skirt for winter camping!

The Naturehike Cloud up tent comes in three sizes. 
The weight for these are (20D version): 
CloudUp1: 1500g 
CloudUp2: 1890g 
CloudUp3: 2405g 


  • Lightweight 1500-2405g (3-5lbs)
  • Easy setupFree standing (pegs not strictly needed)
  • Quality materials (20D) on par with expensive brands
  • Comes with a footprint
  • Possibility of snow skirt for winter use
  • Double layer for better breathability and less condensation


  • There are lighter tents of the same size if weight is your top priority
  • Small vestibule compared to Opalus 
  • Officially only 3 season

If you are looking for a tent similar to the Cloud up, but with a side entrance instead of the front entrance, as well as a sturdier design that also comes with a snow skirt and allows winter (4 seasons) use as well, the Naturehike Star River might be a better option than the Cloud Up for you!

Whereas most modern tents are made from either nylon or polyester, most of the lightweight tents presented here are made from one of the thinner nylon types. The heavier ones are often made from polyester.

2023 Update on the cloud up tent:

Recently a newer, much lighter version of the Cloud Up has been introduced by Naturehike. The flysheet is now made with 10D nylon (which is pretty much the lightest/thinnest you can make – read more about the thin nylon materials used for tents).

The two-person version now weighs only 2lbs, which makes it half the weight of the 20D Nylon Cloud up!

Furthermore, they claim to have updated their general design also. See the most recent price on Aliexpress here.

Some of the other newer variations of their tents are:

Cloud Wing (15D!)


Flying Fish Tent 

Naturehike VIK Series 970g Ultralight Tent

One of my favorite cheap hiking brands is Naturehike, and this is no different when it comes to tents. The VIK series is their lightest series and is perfect if you are looking for a simple one or two-person tent. 

The VIK tent.

Weight: 970g (2lbs)
Price: 140$Size: 1-2 person Water resistance: 2000-3000mm
Click to see current pricing and full list of features 


  • Lightweight (< 1kg or around 2lbs!)
  • Easy setup
  • Free standing (pegs not strictly needed)
  • Quality materials (15D nylon) on par with expensive brands
  • Comes with a footprint 
  • Possibility of snow skirt for winter use


  • Single layered, so may cause condensation if not ventilated properly 
  • There are lighter, but more expensive, tents out there

Interested in more cheap hiking gear?

I just made a list of some of my favourite budget hiking gear including everything you need for a good night’s sleep in a tent – check it out here!

I also wrote a review of my Naturehike CW300 sleeping bag, not yet discovered by mainstream hikers. Maybe the best value for money down sleeping bag out there!

The Naturehike CW300 is my favorite super cheap down bag – read my review here!

The Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 tent

The Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 is a great cheap and lightweight 4 season hiking tent. Unlike some of the other tents I’ve gone through, the Cloud Peak is a true 4 season tent that will also work in winter.

The round shape and many fastening options allow set up on almost any surface while keeping a high resistance towards wind from any direction!

The Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 tent (20D version at Amazon)

The Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 tent (An even lighter 15D version from AliExpress)

It only weighs around 5lbs, so it’s easy to carry with you on your hikes. It can hold up to two people, and it has a waterproof rating of 4000mm, which will keep you dry in even the worst of rainstorms.

It has two vestibules that allow for a good amount of storage space and in case the weather is bad you can also cook there.

The cloud peak is roomy for two people with lots of storage space.

The only downside is that the tent doesn’t come with a footprint, so you’ll have to buy one separately if you want extra protection from the ground. But overall, the Naturehike Cloud Peak 2 is a great cheap and lightweight hiking tent!


  • True 4 season tent (also good for winter use)
  • Lightweight materials.
  • Sturdy and wind-resistant form factor.
  • Comes in a 15D ultralight version as well.


  • Slightly heavier than others in the category
  • The footprint is optional (not included).

Two other tents that are very similar to the Naturehike Cloud Peak are the Naturehike Star River and Mongar (see below!).

Naturehike Mongar 2 tent

The Naturehike Mongar 2 Person Backpacking Tent is another ultralight and cheap option that can be used by just about anyone looking for a solid hiking or backpacking tent. It’s easy to set up, waterproof, and affordable-all of the necessary criteria that make a good backpacking tent!

Check out the current price of the Naturehike Mongar 2 on Amazon or Aliexpress.

Compared to the Naturehike Cloud Peak, the sleeping cabin is slightly bigger, but the storage space is a few inches smaller on each side. The 20D nylon version weighs only 4.6lbs, which is similar to the weight of the 15D version of the Cloud Peak tent (but much cheaper!).

If you’re willing to order from Aliexpress, you can also get a 15D version of the Mongar, which is even lighter (<4lbs) still!

The downside of the Mongar compared to the Cloud Peak tent, and the reason that it is only rated as a 3 season rather than a 4 season tent, is that it is less sturdy in the wind compared to the Cloud Peak tent.

However, unless you camp on maintain tops, in monsoon season, or in heavy snow, the Mongar tent will be fine.

It has an ingenious design that makes it easy to set up without any assistance (with clear installation instructions).

Like all Naturehike tents, the Mongar comes with storage sacks for everything, but also a footprint (mat)!

It is waterproof like all tents I’ve included in this post, and there is plenty of ventilation for warm days so you do not feel like you’re suffocating in your sleep.

The front canopy offers extra space for storing gear which is just a benefit because if it’s raining out you can maintain your belongings until the storm passes!

Oh, and last but not least, it actually comes at a great price of around 150$!


  • Roomy for two people.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Comes with a footprint included.


  • Not a 4 season tent.
  • Not the lightest option here.

If you want a tent very similar to the Mongar, but in a more sturdy 4 season version, you should take a look at the Naturehike Star River tent.

And just before we dive into the 3F UL gear tents, I will mention that they also have a tent series very similar to the Star River and Mongar tents from Naturehike! It is called 3F UL GEAR Cloud 2 Camping Tent.

3F UL Gear and their Lanshan tent series

Apart from Naturehike, perhaps the (next) most popular Chinese ultralight tent brand is 3F UL Gear best known for the Lanshan series of tents.

3F UL gear was first established in 2008 under the “Nature Club” label.

The brand’s first product was a tarp tent, which they advertised as being made of “waterproof parachute fabric.” They later began offering backpacks as well, and in 2016 added hammocks and trekking poles.

3F UL gear products are currently available for purchase on Amazon and their own website, and the brand claims to have a dealer network in over 20 countries.

They do make nice hiking gear using very lightweight and good quality materials that match big western brands! 

The Lanshan tents are quite unique in the shape of a more classical-styled triangular tent, and the requirement for hiking poles as support, which does bias the comparisons of weights between brands!

The Lanshan tent (FLAME’S CREED)

3 UL Gear is a lesser-known Chinese brand that does not have the same traction as the larger brands e.g. Naturehike and Aegismax.

They make the Lanshan tents, which are sleek and lightweight with a classical triangular design.

This original Lanshan tent comes in “1” and “2” versions – designating the number of people it is designed for.

Weight: 910g-1220g (1.9l-2.7bs)
Price: 113-140$Size: 1-2 people
Water resistance: 2000mm
Click to see current pricing and full list of features

The Lanshan 2 comes in a one-person or a 2-person version and unlike the Pro version, it has an inner tent, which is nice to avoid condensation and can be used on its own if it does not rain.

Another nice thing about this version compared to the pro, is that you do not need to seal the seams yourself.

The only downside of these tents is you need to bring at least one trekking pole to pitch the tent. However, this might also be a good thing if you are planning on bringing hiking poles anyways. 


  • Lightweight – only 845g for the 1 person tent!
  • Very fast setup
  • Compact pack size
  • Super light quality materials (15D) on par with expensive brands
  • Double layered (better aeration)


  • The inner size 270*110*125cm for the 1 person 2021 tent might be too small for some
  • A hiking pole is needed for pitching  

3F UL Lanshan pro

Perhaps the most popular tent from 3F UL gear is the Lanshan 3F pro version. This is a slightly more lightweight and a little more expensive tent, that has many of the same features as the FLAMES CREED version. 

The two-person version. 3F UL GEAR Lanshan 2 pro

Weight: 690g-915g (1.5-2lbs) for 1 and 2 person tents respectively.
Price: 160-190$
Size: 1 and 2 person(s)
Water resistance: 2000mm
Click to see current pricing and a full list of features 2 person version
Very similar versions are also available on Amazon.


  • Ultra lightweight – only 845g for the 1 person tent! 
  • Very fast setup.
  • Compact pack sizeQuality materials (15D nylon) on par with expensive brands.
  • Double layered.


  • The inner size 230*110*125cm for the 1 pro might be too small for some people.
  • Some seams might need sealing to be fully waterproof.
  • Hiking poles needed for pitching.

Lanshan 2 vs. Lanshan 2 pro (2023 update!)

The pros and cons are quite similar to Lanshan’s original (Flame’s Creed) version but differ mostly in terms of price and weight. 

 Lanshan 2 Lanshan 2 Pro
Weight1220g / 43oz1050g / 2.31 lb
Floor space size L x W x H210 x 110 x 120cm230 x 120 x 120
Sheet material15D Nylon20D Nylon
Inner tentYesNo
Flysheet treatmentOne-sided silicone teatedDouble-sided silicone treated
SeamSome needs sealingAll need to be sealed
Weather suitability Can be 4 seasons with an inner tent3 season
Main differences between Lanshan 2 and Lanshan 2 Pro tents.

There is an updated version of the Lanshan series, which was known as the XL version, which is the same as the original Lanshan (flames creed described above) but somewhat bigger. However, now it seems that they have renamed it to Lanshan 2021 version.

First, the Lanchan XL/2021 is 20cm (8″) longer than the older standard model and the Lanshan 2021 is almost 35$ cheaper than the pro – which is already worth buying it for!

Second, Lanshan pro is single skin, which makes for more condensation and less versatility e.g. options to change inner tents, which can be done with the Lanshan 2021 version or the Lanshan XL.

I also believe that the ventilation is better with a double skin tent with the single skin Lanshan pro there’s a mesh going all the way around the edge which is going to restrict the airflow a little bit on the outer sea.

It also comes with a J-zip door on the inside but I prefer a T-zip inner and having a separate inner tent gives you an extra barrier that stops drips from getting onto your sleeping gear.

The outer tent of the 2021 version weighs 425 grams so 225 grams less than the Lanchan pro. Also, the Lanshan 2021 has pre-taped seams, which is nice. For the Pro, you have to seal them yourself…

The inner tent of the Lanshan 2021 can be switched between a 3 season inner and a 4 season mesh inner tent so it’s got the versatility to swap between seasons.

With the Lanshan XL/2021 you can separate the inner and outer mesh, which can be a benefit if you want to dry the tent faster.

Tents similar to Lanshan availible on Amazon

Although I often prefer ordering directly from China/Aliexpress to save money, I do understand that this is a factor of uncertainty for many (although shipping is slow, it always arrives, eventually…).

But, don’t despair – many of these tents are indeed available from American warehouses through Amazon!

Whereas many of the original Lanshan tents are only available from China, there are very similar tents available that can be ordered directly from Amazon.

Click each image below to read more.

KIKILIVE Ultralight Tent

Ultralight 3-Season Tent

MIER Lanshan Ultralight

The Naturehike Taga tent

The Naturehike Taga 2 Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a lightweight and durable tent.

It comes in both a 1 person and a 2 person version and weighs just 2.3lb(1 person) or 2.7lb(2-person), although the 1 person version is hard to find anywhere!

The Naturehike Taga tent is available on Amazon or Aliexpress.

This 2-person tent from Naturehike is perfect for backpacking and camping trips. Made from lightweight 20D rip-stop nylon, it’s easy to carry and sets up quickly.

The double-layer construction provides extra warmth and protection from the elements, while the 7001 aluminum poles ensure a sturdy structure.

And with a waterproof PU coating of 4000mm, you’ll stay dry even in bad weather. UV protection of 50+ ensures that you can enjoy your trip outdoors without worrying about the sun.

The Wandelen Appalachian Tent

The Appalachian Tent from Wandelen is another interesting 2 person budget tent from top grade materials at a reasonable price!

The Wandelen Appalachian Lightweight Backpacking Tent is a lightweight backpacking tent, seemingly designed for use on the Appalachian Trail, although they state that it is designed for short to medium trips.

The Wandelen Appalachian tent resembles the Naturehike Cloud Up in its design, weight and materials.

Personally, I would think that this tent would work quite well for even longer hikes, even through hikes, as it is made from the same high grade materials as other way more expensive tents. But as most tents out there, it is not sufficient for the heaviest of winds and snowstorms.

It is constructed with a single split aluminium pole design, which is very lightweight and extremely easy to set up.

The tent has a 20D nylon fly sheet that completely covers the interior cabin of the tent, with a semi-covered door at the end.

The Wandelen Appalachian tent is very similar to the the Naturehike Cloud Up 2, but the Cloud Up offers more material (nylon or polyester) and size options than the Wandelen tent. Wandelen on the other hand, actually offer a cheaper price for their 20D version compared to Naturehike.

The Wandelen tent claims to be more waterproof than the Cloud Up, but given the very similar materials and coatings, they should be almost the same.

When you have found a good cheap tent for you (or your loved ones!) take a look at my favourite sleeping bags or check out my recommended inflatable sleeping pads that is not noisy to sleep on?

Best cheap ultralight 1 person tents

Most of the models mentioned above also come in one-person versions, and especially the Lanshan tents are very popular for solo travelers. But I will go through a couple of dedicated options below.

Personally, I use a small two-person tent when camping alone, because I love the extra space for my gear. However, for longer hikes, it is quite some extra weight to carry around and space filled in your pack.

If you’re traveling alone and want the most out of your small backpack or just don’t want to carry more than necessary, you should consider a single-person tent like the ones below.

Best Naturehike single person tent?

This Naturehike Backpacking Tent for 1 Person is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a lightweight and highly rainproof tent. It does not really have a name for some reason but is their only dedicated 1 person tent.

The one-person Naturehike tent.

Weighing in at 3.63lbs for the 20D nylon version (3.85lbs with skirt version) and 3.96lbs for the 210T polyester version.

If you’re in doubt about what the differences between these materials are and what is best for you, I’ve got you covered.

This tent is not the lightest on the market, but with a fairly spacious and sturdy construction that ensures that you stay comfortable and dry even in the heaviest downpours.

Compared to the other one-person tents such as the one from Lanshan, this Naturehike version is roomier at the cost of added weight.

The spacious interior can comfortably accommodate one person, making it the perfect choice for solo adventurers. And with its affordable price tag, this tent is a great value for anyone looking for an entry-level backpacking tent.

The dimensions of the one-person Naturehike tent!

It is targeted primarily at backpackers and bikepackers, which makes sense given its size and weight.


  • Cheap!
  • Fairly small pack size
  • Good amount of sleeping spce and some storage space


  • Somewhat heavy for a 1-person tent

JYMCW bivi tent 

This is perhaps the most minimalist covered setup you can find and it is extremely cheap considering the durable materials and fairly lightweight. 

Weight: 990g (2lbs)
Price: 38$Size: 1 person.
Water resistance: 2000-3000mm


  • Lightweight – 990g 
  • Small footprint
  • Compact pack size
  • Rough materials (210D nylon)  


  • Small
  • Single layer might lead to condensation
  • Somewhat heavy for the size

If you are primarily camping in the dry season and or don’t mind bringing your own tarp or rain sheet – this even cheaper and lighter version might be perfect for you! It’s insanely light (less than 10 oz!).

FLAME’S CREED 260g minimalist single person tent

Marvquester Ultralight

In my search through the deepest layers of the internet, another very cheap tent popped up. Although this tent is a true off-brand tent, it actually looks quite good. It has more storage space and you can sit upright in the cabin. 

Weight: 1.4kg (3.2lbs)
Price: 60$
Size: 1 person
Water resistance: 2000-3000mm


  • Lightweight – 1.4kg 
  • Fairly large for a 1 person tent: 270X160X125cm
  • Compact pack size
  • Super cheap for the size!
  • Carbon fibre stick is included for pitching. 


  • Not the best materials
  • Somewhat heavy for the size

Other awesome tent options!

So, while the price does matter a lot for many people, sometimes the value of a specific tent, its material, technologies, design etc. justifies a slightly higher price than that those tents I have gone through so far.

One example are those tents made from the extremely durable and waterproof (>15000mm!) tent sheet material called Dyneema (or cuben fiber). You can read more about Dyneema in my recent post!

KAILAS tents

Kailas is another hiking gear company originally founded in China, but have recently spread its products to the western audience. They make everything from climbing boots to sleeping pads but they do have quite a nice selection of cheap tents as well.

One tent that does stand out from the crowd, however, is their Dyneema/Cuben fiber tent that weighs only 0.7kgs and is waterproof to at least 10000mm and fits 2 (smaller) persons!

The KAILAS Gale CUBEN Tent is an ultralight 0.7kg (1.5lbs) tent!

The only downside of this tent is the relatively higher price (approximatly 500$) compared to the others mentioned here.

Normally Dyneema tents come at a much higher price compared to nylon, but there are more budget friendly options out there where you can still get a decent cuben fiber tent from Naturehike for just around 200$:

The Naturehike Cloud Wing 2 tent is an interesting example of an affordable tent made with cuben fiber fabric.
It also comes in a 15D nylon version and the Dyneema version is 5 lbs lighter and much more water resistant.

The naturehike Cloud Wing is a good example of an affordable cuben fiber tent and is one of the few examples where they make both a nylon and cuben fiber version, so you can tell the difference.


As I started hiking, I was convinced that a good quality tent would cost me at least 300$.

However, finding a cheap ultralight tent is not that difficult if you know where to look. I hope this post has given you some good options to choose from for your own ultralight cheap hiking adventures! 

If you need a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, or cook set – see my recommended list here.