Backyard Birds

Read all about backyard birds, from the smallest to the largest all over North America here!

Backyard birds in Wyoming (photos, lists and trends!)

Wyoming shares birds with many of the nearby states such as Idaho, Nebraska and Colorado. Some of the more unique…


Top backyard birds of Tennessee (data and descriptions!)

The state of Tennessee has some really amazing backyard birds to show! If you have a bird feeder in your…

backyard birds of Rhode Island

Most popular backyard birds of Rhode Island (1988 to 2022!)

In the state of Rhode Island, the Black-capped Chickadee is the most frequent bird feeder visiter, and then comes the colorful Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay and Downy Woodpecker! Over time, we see that most backyard birds are doing well in Rhode Island, with most species generally increasing their presence at bird feeders.

Most common Missouri backyard birds – list and descriptions!

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60 Most common Backyard Birds of Massachusetts 2022!

With its North-eastern location close to the sea, the state of Massachusetts is an ideal location for bird feeding all…

The 30 most common backyard birds of Maine (with statistics)

n the last 30 years, especially four species have been dominant in Maine backyards: Black-capped Chickadee, the Mourning Dove, the American goldfinch and the Blue Jay. Despite their high total numbers, some have been more widely present at feeder than the others.

30 most common backyard birds of Minnesota? (2022!)

In this post we will look into the top 30 most common birds in the state of Minnesota and we will dive deeper into the top 12 birds with descriptions that will teach you identification of backyard birds of Minnesota, where they come from and how to feed them.

30 most frequent backyard birds of Indiana (photos & data!)

In the last few years, backyard bird watching has become very popular in Indiana – and for good reason! Watching…

30 most common backyard birds of Illinois 2022!

Whether you live in St. Louis, Springfield, or Chicago, you really don’t have to plan a trip to the Sand Ridge or Shawnee state forests to see incredible wildlife in Illinois! Lots of fascinating birds are already jumping around in your yard or eating from your bird feeder. But maybe you ask yourself – what birds are most likely to visit my backyard in the state of Illinois? You will find the answer here!

Most common backyard birds of Hawaii 2022 (with photos and videos!)

What are the most common backyard birds in Hawaii and how often do they occur at bird feeders? This question will be answered in this post on Hawaiian garden birds!