For me, hiking is the ultimate way of experiencing nature! Here are some tricks on how to elevate your hiking experience!

How Fast Can you Hike Through Forest? (Answered!)

The speed with which you can hike through a forest really depends on the specific forest vegetation, elevation change, path availability, the amount of weight you are carrying etc.

Hiking a volcano

How to hike on an active volcano (10 pieces of safety advice!)

Hiking on and around a volcano can be a great activity as volcanoes are indeed wonders of nature that are fascinating to experience first hand!

Are Fjällräven Backpacks Waterproof? (Answered!)

And while most of their backpacks are exceptionally durable, they are not always fully waterproof. However, many are water resistant in their natural form and can be made fully waterproofed if a specific wax material termed “Greenland Wax” is applied.

nylon and polyester difference

Is 210T polyester or 20D nylon better for tents?

Most modern tents are made from either nylon or polyester. While nylon is the lightest of the two, polyester is…

What is the best way to inflate a sleeping pad to avoid mold?

As a microbiologist, I know better than anyone that bacteria and fungi, like us, need water and heat to survive….

Best Foldable Filter Bottles for Hiking and Skiing!

A small transportable water bottle is essential for fast-paced outdoor activities, whether hiking in the warmth of summer or skiing…

Best CHEAP Ultralight backpacking Tents!

20 Best Budget Tents for Ultralight Hiking in 2022!

I love the close connection with nature I experience by sleeping outside in a tent. Along with your sleeping bag,…