Here, I write about animals and their small curiosities, feeding habits, and their role in the ecosystem!

Do crabs eat snails? (Answered with examples!)

Learn if and what crabs eat snails and when! And do any snails eat crabs?!

What do crabs eat?

What do Crabs eat? (Full List!)

What do crabs actually eat? In captivity or in the wild? Explore the diets of 10 different crab species here!

Do Crabs Sleep? (How, When and Where?)

Do you know if and how crabs sleep? Do they sleep laying on their back – narhh – read on to find out!

How many times can a lizard regrow its tail? (Answered!)

Autotomy is the purposeful loss of a body part found throughout the animal kingdom, but is most common in invertebrates. One of the more famous examples of this is lizards losing, or dropping, their tails as a strategy to avoid predators.

Do turtles make saliva? (Explained!)

I have previously written about how fish, sharks and whales do not produce saliva because they are fully submerged in…

Why Are Gargoyle Geckos So Expensive? (Explained!)

Although the Gargoyle Gecko is quite popular and readily accessible in many pet stores today, they require a relatively high…

Do fish make saliva? (Answered and explained!)

Todays mouthwatering post is about fish! I recently wrote two articles about whether birds and Iguanas produce saliva or not…

What Soil is Safe For Amphibians? (Full Guide!)

When you want to add plants to your amphibian’s tank, it’s important that you choose a safe type of soil….

Do Iguanas have saliva?

You might have noticed that I recently wrote two blog posts on whether birds and fish make saliva. This time…

Do birds make saliva

Do birds have saliva? (Answered and explained!)

Have you ever wondered if chickens can spit or droll? Or maybe you wonder if your pet parrots use saliva to digests their food? Well, then you are in the right place as I will answer these questions in this post!